2019 Student2Student Winning Entry

Hobbs High School
Hobbs, N.M.

Lead person
Erick Acosta

Training Areas
Leadership,Construction, Culinary, Computer Technology, Robotics

Project Descriptions
Throughout the School year SkillsUSA members from Hobbs High School participate in the Jump Into STEM! program at multiple elementary schools throughout Hobbs, N.M.

Jump Into STEM! is targeted to second-grade classes and focuses on the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. SkillsUSA members plan, design, and execute lessons and hands on activities focused on the subjects. Planning begins with the STEM committee being run by chapter members. It is executed by other chapter members. Jump Into STEM! days last for the entirety of the school day and have three rotations after a certain time period has passed.
STEM volunteers are split between the number of second-grade classes at the elementary schools to present their lessons and activities. These lessons are monitored and approved by Israel Martinez, a second grade teacher at Broadmoor Elementary, to ensure that the lessons hit the Common Core requirements.

After lessons SkillsUSA members held activities so the second graders could see what they were taught put into action. With these activities, second-grade students can be challenged while simultaneously having fun. After the final rotation, STEM students give the second grade students a test to see how much of the lessons they understood.

SkillsUSA Hobbs High School has been able to reach out to four different elementary schools: Broadmoor Elementary, Stone Elementary, Jefferson Elementary and Murray Elementary. Many teachers from all these schools have also enjoyed seeing their students being taught in a new direction than the traditional standard and being challenged beyond the regular curriculum. Also many teachers have shown their interest in having Jump Into STEM! days become a regular event at their individual schools.

Objectives of the program

  1. To build the second graders knowledge on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  2. Incorporate an effective and fun way for students to learn new subjects.
  3. To keep the creativity of the second-grade students flowing by having hands-on projects.
  4. To build the SkillsUSA Member’s ability to speak publicly, give directions, build teamwork and have a taste of what our teachers do every day.

Outcomes/Community impact

The Jump Into STEM! program had an impact on the participating elementary schools and on our own SkillsUSA members in an effective way. The second-grade students were exposed to challenging material that motivated them to continue to work hard in school and to have a passion for learning. The elementary students were also shown to what future careers are available to them and what waits for them during their high school years. This sparked a flame for learning and keeping up in school. Our SkillsUSA members were given the opportunity to practice their personal, workplace, and technical skills while also growing their passion for assisting their community. Many SkillsUSA members found an interest in teaching and working with kids in assisting their educational journey.
This activity reached 227 people.