1. Secure support from your school administrator

Successful SkillsUSA chapters work with administrators from the onset. Receiving permission and support from administration to start a SkillsUSA chapter is essential. To guide you along the formation of your chapter:

  • Review the SkillsUSA Administrator Flier. This flier is designed to highlight the value and importance of SkillsUSA to your administrator.
  • The Talking Points for Administrator Meeting flier provides a step-by-step discussion guide for this important meeting. This is your guide to introducing the flier to your administrator and highlighting the benefits of a SkillsUSA chapter.
  • Using a laptop or portable device, consider showing your administrator the personal message prepared by executive director Tim Lawrence. This short, three-minute video packs a punch by connecting the integral nature of SkillsUSA to the educational system and future career readiness. The message will resonate with administrators.
  • Set up a meeting with your administrator. A minimum of 30 minutes should be scheduled to allow enough time to review the materials and answer questions.
  • Once you receive permission from your school administration, you are ready to move on to the next step.