Business Partner and Guest FAQs

FAQs for Business Partners and Business Guests only.

This information is not necessarily applicable to other NLSC attendees.

  1. Who needs to register and what is the fee?
    Everyone attending NLSC is required to register. There is currently no registration fee for Official Business Partners, Business Guests or TECHSPO exhibitors. Register here by June 7, 2019. On-site registration will also be offered.
  1. What should I wear?
    Most importantly, wear comfortable shoes … as in maybe even sneakers. KEC is entirely concrete flooring, so especially if you’re attending for multiple days, prioritize form over function. Ladies, leave the cute heals and pinchy flats at home.Otherwise, we’re generally business casual or casual.
  1. Is my company an Official National Business Partner and if not, how do we become one?
    An Official National Business Partner is a donor at the $25,000+ or has provided $75,000+ in documented in-kind goods or services. If you don’t fit that description but would like to, track us down in the Partner Lounge or email . We’d love to talk to you.
  1. What is a Business Guest?
    If your company wants to build your skilled trade workforce or customers, and you’re attending NLSC to see what we’re all about, you’re a Business Guest. You’re not an Official National Partner, but you’re considering moving the relationship in that direction.
  1. My company has a SkillsUSA TECHSPO booth and an Official Partnership. How do I register?
    You, my friend, are Business Partner/TECHSPO. This gives you access to the SkillsUSA TECHSPO exhibit space, as well as all the benefits of the partner lounge, partner-only events, and the partner track workshops and seminars.’
  1. What’s the difference between NLSC, SkillsUSA TECHSPO and Meet the Employer?
    NLSC is the entire National Leadership and Skills Conference. It’s a four-day event, always in the last week of June. It encompasses leadership training, workshops, delegate meetings, receptions, community service project(s), entertainment, championship competitions, opening and closing ceremonies and an awful lot of fun.SkillsUSA TECHSPO is the trade-show/exhibit space on the competition floor Tuesday – Thursday.Meet the Employer is the career fair Friday morning that brings together hundreds of job seekers and potential employers. And yes, we have real job offers being made on the floor.
  1. When should I plan to be in Louisville?
    Well, we’d like you to join us from Opening Ceremony on Tuesday till the gavel drops at the end of the Awards Ceremony Friday night. However, if your travel schedule simply won’t allow that, here are some key points to help you decide:

    • Tuesday: We start our partner track workshops on Tuesday and also have a great networking reception with the State Directors that you don’t want to miss if state activation is important to your partnership (and we hope it is). Then it’s the Call to Post reception and Opening Ceremonies including keynote speaker, Art delaCruz, President and C.O.O., Team Rubicon.
    • Wednesday is a great day to catch the start of the competitions, take in some partner track workshops, network at the Louisville Bats game and the partner-only pre-game reception.
    • Thursday: ALL competitions are underway on Thursday. This is the day with the most activity and the day you don’t want to miss.
    • Friday: Meet the Employer and the Awards Ceremony are impressive highlights as we wrap up NLSC.
  1. Where do I park, and can I get a parking pass?
    Parking is available in the on-site lot with a charge of $8/day on Tuesday – Thursday only. Parking passes are available to Official Business Partners and SkillsUSA TECHSPO exhibitors on a first come/first serve basis, with a maximum of 2 per company.SkillsUSA TECHSPO exhibitors, request a pass by emailing Official National Partners, request a pass here. Following your submission, you will hear from us within one business day with instructions to claim your pass or the reason your request was unable to be met (i.e. you are not eligible, or our limited supply has been exhausted).
  1. There are so many things going on at the same time. How do I know what to attend?
    We’ve created a “Partner Track” schedule that allows partners and guests to see the best of everything.The top priority on Thursday is seeing the competitions. On Tuesday and Wednesday, visit SkillsUSA TECHSPO between the partner track workshops. Don’t forget receptions throughout the week for valuable networking time, and of course the Bats game Wednesday night and the partner only pre-game reception.
  1. What is this “Partner Track” I’ve heard about?
    The Partner Track is the schedule of events that we recommend for our Business Partners and Business Guests. It includes our workshops, partner-only events, networking receptions you don’t want to miss, as well as our general sessions and competition times. If you follow this track, you’ll see the best of everything. Check it out here .
  1. Tell me about the competitions. How many are there, what trade areas are included, and how can I navigate through them?Here is the list of competitions with descriptions. by the Partner Lounge for a Competition Floor map, or join us for a free, guided tour at 9 or 10 a.m. on Thursday. (Sign up in advance for the tour in the Partner Lounge and meet there 15 minutes prior to your tour time.)
  1. What is included in the Partner Lounge and who has access?
    The Partner Lounge, open exclusively to Official Business Partners, Business Guests and Business Guest/TECHSPO, is a great place to serve as your “home base” throughout NLSC. Stop in to recharge your device or yourself, grab some complimentary food and soft drink, answer email, etc. Check the Partner Track schedule for Partner Lounge times.
  1. What if I’m so impressed by a competitor that I want to have a conversation with them, maybe discuss job opportunities?
    The best place to have meaningful conversations with job seekers is at Meet the Employer, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Friday, June 28, in the East Wing.If you’d like to participate – and have the opportunity to talk with hundreds of job seekers about employment, internship or apprenticeship opportunities with your company – you are required to register as a Meet the Employer exhibitor by May 31. Space is only $1,250 for a booth and includes a table, 2 chairs, pipe and drape and an electrical drop. Late registrations cannot be accepted.  Please see more details and registration information here: certainly are welcome to discuss opportunities with anyone throughout the week – look for the bright “Job Seeker” stickers! – but no one may talk to a competitor during a competition. Don’t risk being asked to leave the floor.
  1. What if I have a question that’s not answered here?
    Please contact Helen Carafa, , 703-737-0637.
See you in Louisville!