National Courtesy Corps

The National Courtesy Corps is the elite group of high-school and post-high-school students as well as advisors and chaperones who are selected to represent their state delegation. These individuals are afforded the opportunity to work with and build a network of industry and educational resources while gaining skills, leadership qualities, developing friendships and having fun.

  • Be prepared to have the time of your life
  • Meet and work with people from across the country
  • Work side by side and network with professionals in every technical area
  • Interact with corporate sponsors, educators and dignitaries
  • Perform jobs with little or no direct supervision making mature choices and demonstrating responsible
  • behavior; follow directions and be cooperative under all circumstances
  • Work harder than you have ever worked before and enjoy it
  • Perform tasks that may seem major or menial but make all national contests fair for everyone
  • Go to bed tired every night satisfied that you did a good job, but wake up eager to begin the next day
  • Work as a team member and be a positive role model for SkillsUSA
  • Be where you’re supposed to be — when you’re supposed to be
  • Develop friendships that will last a lifetime

National Courtesy Corps Member Responsibilities

Download the guidelines for being a member of the National Courtesy Corps.